'American' foods people from other cultures like and dislike

This thread is shamelessly spawned by Traveler's question about making dessert for Chinese visitors to the U.S. But I'm so interested in different food cultures/tastes, I couldn't resist expanding the question--what stereotypically 'American foods' (however you define that, of course it's very subjective) have visitors to the U.S. who have grown up in other cultures really like or dislike? My own experiences: My Greek stepmother loves, loves soft pretzels and bagels and smoked salmon (bread and fish). And full sugar Jell-O, as does my Greek half-sister and Greek father. The Greek members of the family who have come visiting also adored Jell-O and Starbursts and super-sweet sugar-based candy but couldn't stand chocolate or butter. When I once asked for butter on my bread while visiting (I didn't grow up with my father, so I have different tastes and dining habits) and was told the family so hated the sight of butter, they couldn't bear to see it eaten, melting on the bread! My stepmother is revolted by peanut butter and pumpkin, although my father and half-sister, who have lived for much longer percentages of their lives in the U.S. love these foods.

My Czech aunt, an immigrant from the Czech republic when she was in her twenties loves, loves deli meats and traditional roast Thanksgiving turkey and super-garlicky pasta salads. Also Italian-American noodle 'baked' foods like meat lasagna but hates peanut butter.

My U.K. friends, when I was living in England, always asked me to bring back American brands of peanut butter and sugary cereals not available over there. While not quite the same 'thing' since it's so ubiquitous, I was also a bit surprised how many of them liked McDonald's fries to proper chips from a chippy. When visiting the U.S. most of them praised the quality of American seafood--even the kids (unlike most U.S. kids I know) really loved broiled fish. Apple pie was also a big hit (although apple pie is hardly as 'all American' as we like to thing)


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