All-American desserts

We just confirmed that our Chinese cohorts over in Shanghai (well, two of them at least) are finally confirmed as being able to come next week and will be here for about two weeks, learning and watching, et cetera.

Neither of them has been to the US before, and we think that they might be willing try to some fun American-style foods. So, on that note, my supervisor is having us organize a potluck, and as usual, I volunteered for dessert duty. Since there are about 25 of us total, I thought that I would make a couple of things, but now the decision comes as to what to make. I know that Chinese people don't generally have the same overly developed sweet tooth that we do here, so I don't want to force them to try something that would be really sweet or syrupy. Likewise, I am under certain constraints, so anything refrigerated or frozen is likely out.

On that note, what would you recommend? Apple pie? Chocolate chip cookies? Pumpkin Pie (less sweet)?


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