All my food is turning purple

Well, not all of it. But it seems that lately there's an awful lot of purple food lately. I bought purple tomatillos at the farmer's market and they were purple inside as well -- it wasn't just the skins.

Among the peppers I'm growing, I've got some that start out purple, and there are others that turn purple when ripe. And I think my peppers are getting friendly with each other, since some of my tabascos are getting a purple tinge to them, as are some of the serranos, so if I save seeds, next year could be interesting. But I digress.

Blue corn is really more of a purple color. Black forbidden rice it really a dark purple, and the water turns a vibrant purple when you cook it.

There are purple green beans (which dissapointingly turn green when you cook them), purple carrots, purple cauliflower, purple potatoes and purple sweet potatoes. Purple kohlrabi. Purple basil.

What did I miss? Turnips and rutabagas have always had purple on the skin, but you don't eat that. Red cabbage and onions are kind of purple, and so are blueberries (and some other berries). And of course eggplant and plums.

But what foods are purple now that weren't before?

And besides the novelty factor, do you find these purple foods more or less appetizing than the original colors?


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