Worst Dessert. Ever.

So, I just got back the other day from my vacation in Chicago. It's amazing there and I can't wait to go back. The food and service was incredible. And dear god, Morton's Steakhouse is amazing-I'd go back for the Ceasar Salad alone. But I digress. We went out to a restaurant where we had a delicious appetizer and dinners. Then, we decided to order dessert-Chocolate Molten Cake. I was pumped. I could not have been more disappointed. It tasted like they forgot to add sugar. I thought I must have been wrong-so i took another bite. The same result. AWFUL. I could not eat another bite. My BF thought it wasn't that bad and he ate the whole thing. He admitted it wasn't the best but thought it was at least edible. I just couldn't do it. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever made or ordered a dessert and were so excited only to be left completely deflated? Would you ever go back to that restaurant? It does leave a bad taste in your mouth-literally and figuritively...


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