roped into a baby me!

I got roped into having a baby shower. The original hostess decided it was too much work. Whatev. Its 10 people on Sunday. 95 degrees. Blech. We all know I do NOT do well in heat and humidity so some afternoon backyard tea is OUT. I called the remaining girls and asked them all to bring something and I will provide the main. Previous hostess was going with sloppy joes. HUH? I havent a clue why in the sam hell she would ever consider that but..... Here's what I got..

Chicken salad croissants Pulled pork sandwiches with spicy pickles I just put up. macaroni salad veggie pizza some hot corn bacon dip stuff fruit tray/dip veggie tray/dip a pepperoni something or other appetizer punch/pink lemonade cake

No theme technically except pink. I need a nice fine shredded tangy slaw to go with the pulled pork. Any ideas out there? I DO NOT want to turn my oven on, so if it isnt cold, it ain't happening. What am I missing?

This girl is a hot mess and quite frankly rude. However, since I am attempting to be a nice girl and pick up the slack 36 hours before the party, here we go.

Thanks bunches in advance!


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