Mmmm Cereal!

When I was a kid growing up in New Hampshire my breakfast fare consited of two things... Hot cereal in the winter, and cold cereal in the summer... well that and some form of OJ or Tang (after all if it was good enough for the astronauts...).

Now here's the rub, mom would never buy "the good" sugary cereals no matter how much my brother and I would beg and plead. Mom would come home with shreded wheat (the old fashioned kind with three biscuits in a pack) wheaties, cheerios, corn flakes or raisin bran for summer and maypo, wheatena, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, cornmeal or a combination of the latter depending on how much was left in a box. When she did mix them she always added raisins for some reason (maybe they were magic raisins).

Any time we would have a sleepover at one of our many cousins houses and had breakfast the next morning. Heaven help them if my aunts or uncles had bought "the good" cereal... Color that box gone!

To this day I don't eat a lot of cereal (except being in the south grits are more or less mandatory) but when I do I usually go and get a box of sugary cereal like frosted miniwheats, or capt. crunch. I guess miniwheats to make myself think they are a little healthy and just in case mom comes to visit she won't think she raised a sugarholic.

After unpacking the groceries, I proceed to eat the cereal like a dog til my stomach nearly rolls over on itself and the roof of my mouth is nothing but little shreds of skin hanging down. My brother used to compare me to Jethro from the beverly hillbillies by the ferocity at which I would devour a box of cereal.

Are there any cereals from your childhood you either love or loathe?

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