I ate a dog.

I have had pet dogs pretty much my entire life (in fact, I have one right now). Thus, I was determined to never try the Korean dish of dog stew though I am Korean myself. However, I found out recently from my dad that he and the rest of my family had secretly fed me dog stew when I was visiting Korea back in junior high. I remember this event clearly and know that my family told me we were going out to eat goat stew, not dogs. I also remember the dish being absolutely delicious and enjoying it very much. A little shocked, but not passing out or anything. Actually kind of funny. However, When I told a non-Korean acquaintance of this event, she bashed me like I'm some barbaric savage eating other people's pets, not to mention insulting my culture. Personally, I would not choose to eat this dish again but I don't think its some de-humanizing crazy act. So, what do you think? Will you ever be willing to try it? Am I some kind of a savage? Is there a difference between eating a dog or a chicken or a cow?


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