Homemade yogurt -- my second attempt

yesterday i did this: heated a quart of lowfat goat milk until it foamed, let it sit until i could stick a finger in it for ten seconds, whisked in a tablespoon of fage 2%, then poured it into two pint mason jars {if you're a mountain gringo salsa user like me, their mason jars are perfect for yogurt making, except for an unfortunate tendency for the lids to continue to smell fire roasted despite numerous washings}.

i wrapped them in a towel and stuck them in the oven. when i got home at about 11:30 last night, i checked on them. they had cooled off completely and were still liquidy. i put them in a pan of water with the heat on low, then forgot about them for an hour or so. when i remembered them, they had completely separated -- what i had looked like gelatinous curds floating in a huge amount of whey. i left them on the counter to cool and forgot about them once again. this morning when i walked into the kitchen, i opened one and tasted it. it was actually pretty good. i drained off all the whey and froze it, thinking i could use it in bread making sometime. what's left is delicately flavored, just the right amount of tangy, and a little goaty.

i'm considering taking it a step further and draining it through some cheesecloth, but i'm feeling lazy this morning.

anyway, i may just break down and do what alton brown suggested with the heating pad. i had thought about tucking them among the layers of foam mattresses on my bed while they incubated, but that felt too silly.


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