Ghetto Drinks

After reading the article about the boxed wine revolution on the main page of Serious Eats, I started thinking about "ghetto" drinks and how popular they are with people my age.

I don't drink often, but when I do- watch out. My drinking has been referred to as "ghetto" on more than one occasion. My best friend and I buy pints of whiskey, sit in the parking lot of a bar and take shots out of the bottle so that we don't end up blowing our checking accounts once at the bar, which always charges too much. I've never walked into a bar sober.

Another friend of mine drinks Mad Dog 20/20, also referred to as "bum wine" and yet another friend mixes beer and liquor in the same cup and chugs it. I know too many girls who favor wine coolers and Boone's Farm, which is so watered down and sick I have no idea how they stomach it.

I'm sure all of you are more refined then my friends and I, but I thought I'd ask: Do you favor any "ghetto" drinks? And vile, overly sweet novelty drinks like "fuzzy nipples" count!


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