Funny food word pronunciations expanded

The "how do you say yolk" thread inspired me to post something I've been thinking about for about a week. Did you or any of your offspring, siblings, etc. have weird pronunciations for foods? Here are my favorites and their origins:

Husband's niece called ice cream "arse cream" and abbreviated dessert to "zert". We use both terms frequently. I believe this same niece also said "marshoos" instead of marshmallows.

My niece said "college cheese" instead of cottage cheese.

I called water "wally-wally" when I was a tot. I have no idea why.

A friend's daughter called oatmeal "opey-no"

Those are the ones that I remember right now. What are your favorites, and do you still use them even if the person who coined the term is 25 years old and doesn't think it is funny that you remember something they said 20 years ago?


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