Ending lobster phobia and other seafood goals

I've eaten lobster once. It was at a fondue place and the lobster, you might say, was naked. Nothing about it looked like lobster - shell was gone, no claws, no tail, just hunks of meat. It was fabulous, and I want it again - except I have a lifelong aversion to seafood.

(that in itself is a long story and relates to Jacques Cousteau in 6th grade, but suffice to say it's less the taste than the looks or concept of seafood that bother me).

Braving cooking expeditions involving live lobsters, removing shells, or in any way associating with something that really looks like a lobster may defeat me. That said, I think that if I take in in small steps of taste and simple preparations, I could eventually overcome my aversion. Are there ways to purchase or cook lobster in baby steps? Frozen meat, shelled lobster, parts of lobster...etc? (this is silly and embarassing question, but remember that I've avoided grocery seafood sections like the plague).

I'd like to similarly be able to approach other "scary" seafoods like crab, mussels, shrimp and clams - any recommendations for easy acquisition or less than terrifying preparation?

(apologies for two posts in a row, I attempted this one yesterday and crashed).

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