Does black chicken intrigue you or scare you?

I was at the local Asian supermarket and I saw some black chicken, which I had first seen on an episode of Top Chef a while back (the one with the geoduck as well).

After some wikipedia "research", I found out that the chicken is actually bred like that, and actually called "Silkie". I always used to think it was smoked in charcoal or something (say yes to benzopyrenes LOL), but it turns out the meat and bones are also a darker colour.

Word is still out if I want to get it, but the important thing is if the family likes it, because I usually have a good bit of input on the grocery shopping/meal planning for my age (senior in H.S.), and I do NOT want to lose that over a black chicken experiment went wrong.

Have any of you serious eaters seen/tasted black chicken? I have read it is used in soups, and it is the size of stewing hens so I'm guessing a similar prep would be in place. As well, what other meat/poultry/other animal is on your to try list? As well, which ones make you squeamish?

P.S. At least I don't have to catch it myself, I've heard a few stories of my dad trying to catch a rooster for dinner for the guests that were coming over for dinner in rural India 25 years ago.

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