Do you watch tv while you cook?

I'm glad to say I cook MUCH more than I used to - nearly every meal if I can. I'm also cooking things ahead of time a lot more than I used to - random pots of beans or grains after dinner, for example. But what I'm realizing is that having a view of the TV is crucial for me (or being able to participate in the living room conversation, my house has a lot of open space).

If my plans after dinner are to relax and watch tv or a movie, it seems like so much less work to chop some vegetables or get something started for the next day if I don't have to interrupt my mindless entertainment. Granted, I pay less attention to the show, but it seems to make cooking feel less like work.

I've started taking note of whether there is a clear view to the tv/living room from the kitchen whenever I visit a friend's place, and I start to wonder if it affects their cooking habits as I think it is affecting mine.

How about you?

*disclaimer - Ironically enough, I don't even have a real tv, I have a REALLY big computer monitor hooked up to an old laptop dedicated to playing DVDs (netflix!), and streaming things off the internet.


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