Carne al disco - Bourdain inspiration

(I posted this to Chowhound with no luck)

On Monday's No Reservations rerun (set in Argentina), Bourdain, producery Tracey and a bunch of paragliders ate what looked like a simple but fabulous meal cooked in a "disk" over a fire. The ingredients I saw were oil, beef, onions, garlic and peppers, but I'm almost certain I missed something because the color of the sauce at the end made it look like other things had been added (potatoes? cream?). They ate it on bread and I watched, drooling and wildly jealous.

Google turns up a little, but no recipes that I could see (or translate). Has anyone heard of or eaten this dish, or was it just good TV? Any idea what else they threw in the pan? Should I just buy my ticket to Argentina now?


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