Butterfly a brisket?

As a result of my thread yesterday regarding an excess of orange juice, I am now the proud owner of one kilo of brisket, which I am planning to marinate all day tomorrow in a mixture of aforesaid OJ, smooth mango chutney and Worcestershire. Thanks everyone for helping me brainstorm!!!

I just looked in my copy of "Timing is Everything" by Jack Piccolo (love it!) and he recommends 5-8 hours medium-low heat on the grill. Can I butterfly the brisket and reduce the time? I have a built-in propane BBQ that came with the house, and I don't think the tanks over here hold 5-8 hours worth.

It's 85 degrees farenheit here by 7am, and I'm afraid to look after that, so please don't suggest I use the oven instead :-)


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