Apricots & Plums turn bitter when cooked?

I had a few extra apricots and sugar plums hanging around from my CSA share, and decided to take a shot at canning to save them for the winter. I'd made strawberry compote in the past by just cooking down the fruit with some sugar and it turned out fantastic, so i figured i could do the same with the stone fruit. I removed the pits, cut it up into small pieces, and threw it into a pot with some sugar and let it cook down (i did the apricots and plums seperately, fyi). When it looked like the consistency was about right i tasted, and found that BOTH the apricots and plums had turned bitter/sour... much much more so than when they were fresh. When fresh they were both mildly sweet and tasty, and somehow i ended up with a batch of sour preserves on my hands by cooking them. I wound up adding a ton of sugar to compensate, but wanted to know: what happened when i cooked the fruit? Is it because i left the skins on? Shouldn't the sugars have cooked down and concentrated, rather than *evaporated*? :)


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