Am I wrong about my definition of a cappuccino?

A small spin-off from the multiple coffee posts that have appeared lately. I worked at a coffee shop in college and always considered myself pretty knowledgeable about my drinks, but since I moved away from that college town three years ago, I've been filled with doubt about the difference between a cappuccino and a latte.

My most basic definition - a cappuccino has foam, and a latte doesn't. Since I moved, however, I've received any number of very foamy lattes. Most of them are tasty, but in my mind, they're not lattes.

Please tell me that I'm correct, and the entire state that I live in is wrong! (I live in New Mexico. This is, admittedly, not a place where I'd expect a lot of espresso knowledge, but I've seen this problem statewide. SOMEONE has to get it right - right?)


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