a menagerie of questions!

1. Im doing a baby shower this weekend and have to do 12 dozen cupcakes. Mom would like a banana cupcake and I would like to do a slice of fresh banana on the top of each caramel frosted delight. Anyone ever bruleed a banana slice? Will they hold up on the cakes if I do them first thing in the morning?

2. lemon balm. We have scads of the stuff. Anyone do anything exciting with it?

3. I am looking for a hot pepper recipe that has banana peppers, garlic, oregano, oil and vinegar. You soak the peppers overnight in pickling salt and water, rinse, pack in jars, heat the oil/vinegar mix and pour over. They are not water bathed. Any ideas?

4. I feel like a super garlicky/lemon grilled chicken and a good greek salad. Ideas?


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