Zucchini, I want to like you!

I have an aversion to summer squashes. I grew up with my mom making this terrible zucchini-onion-celery seed dish that tasted of dirt and was incredibly slimy (my stomach turns thinking of it even now, and I haven't even seen the dish in nearly 20 years). Since then, I can't stand to eat them, and even the sight of a sliced squash is enough to make me slightly queasy.

Of course, now the Internets are taunting me with delicious-looking zucchini and summer squash dishes that I want to try, but I don't know if I can quite get past the texture and non-flavor flavor without outright revolt on my body's part.

Anyone have a 12-step program to overcome my aversion (or just some great recipes)? I've gotten past step one: the zucchini bread, but would like to move on to something a little less ... camouflaged. So, Serious Eaters, how do you like your squash?


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