Talk Up Your Hometown!

So, based on a posting from a couple of days ago about Fargo, I got to thinking about my hometown of Grand Forks, ND and thought about all of the iconic places, whether traditional or trendy, old or new, good or bad for food quality, that I love about that place.

So, I want to hear from you guys: Talk up your hometown! Where did you eat, what restuarants were the local hangouts and what made it special for you?

For me, I *love* Widman's Chocolates, the original location being in GF, as well as the old Shakey's Pizza (gone but not forgotten), Happy Joe's, Paradiso (we still call it La Campana - it's old name), the Mexican Village (I even still buy their salsa powders to bring when I move overseas so that I can try to duplicate their salsa anywhere), and of course the old Piggly Wiggy...again, gone, but certainly not forgotten. My grandmother used to sample foods their on the weekends, and she was the only one who would call the suppliers and say that she was out of her stuff, becasue she had convinced everyone to buy it all! They used to say that she could sell ice to an eskimo. :) I believe it!


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