Outdated food attitudes

"So long as it's on the table on time & fast, I don't care how it tastes." Interestingly, I saw this phrase in lots of threads recently, usually quoted as coming from women in their 50s or 60s--and I heard this all of the time growing up from my mother! It seemed to be an unfortunate attitude that cropped up during the 1950s era of processed food where 'from scratch' was disdained, food science was king, yet it was a woman's duty (rather than a chosen pleasure) to cook for her family. Fortunately, things have changed and I don't know many women my age who would say this with pride, even if they resort to prepared foods. Ditto with an attitude from my father--the idea that 'men don't touch food'--when my stepmother leaves for 2 months every year, she prepares every single meal he will eat and freezes it. He doesn't even make coffee--just waits to have it at the office. When married to my mother, he did grill but has mysteriously 'forgotten' since marrying a woman who cooks in a way more to his liking. I can't imagine a man my age, even if he is not a cook, refusing to make his own coffee/find his own meal to nuke/fry a steak or eggs/go shopping for cereal. Ditto also (away from my own family) attitudes about not eating any ethnic food, not eating healthfully, having kids who always clean their plates--people may feel that way, but they don't say this with pride like some members of older generations. What attitudes to food do you think are dying out, that you only see exhibited, by and large, by members of your parents/grandparent's generation?


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