One If By Land... I don't get it.

Last night, I enjoyed yet another perfect meal at One If By Land TIBS. Now guys, I'm hardly a Kennedy or Madonna, so I don't think any of the staff were put on "best behaviour" for my sake. Still, I have yet to have a bad meal there; nor have I experienced lackluster service. One of our party was disabled and they were very accommodating with his wheelchair and our seating.

I've been going to OIBL since (IMS) somewhere around the mid 80's. I've been there for business dinners and romantic suppers alike. I don't ever remember being treated shabbily or having one morsel of food that wasn't picture perfect.

Until such time as I receive the "horrible" service about which I've read, I will continue to pimp them as a favorite and a relatively risk-free, higher end NYC restaurant.

Can someone who has written them off tell me what happened when you dined there?? What went so horribly wrong??


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