How to Cope with the NYC Rental Kitchen?

Your wisdom is greatly requested, SEers!

I've lived (rented) in the NYC for a decade now but have struck it relatively lucky with decent kitchens/appliances for most of that time. Until now. Tomorrow I am moving into a beautiful, cheap apartment close to the train in a great neighborhood, top floor, sun-drenched, you name it. Then there's the kitchen.

It's not the size of the kitchen that perplexes me so much as the My-First-Appliances -- easily the smallest refrigerator and stove I have ever seen. The stove is the 20" Summit model with no hood and one rack, and I am losing sleep over wondering if I can fit a standard size cookie sheet in and close the oven door at the same time.

In this particular neighborhood, and given my desperate need to move and compromise with my boyfriend, it would have been silly to pass up an apartment like this. But since it is a rental and I can't really purchase new major appliances, I'm going to have to reach into the depths of my creative self to cope.

Have you had a similar compromise to make? How did you deal? What gadgets helped? What's your sage advice?


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