Chipotle's Burritos Overrated?

I've read and heard many good things about Chipotle over the past year, but I hadn't got around to trying them until tonight.

First impression -- Totally underwhelmed.

[ Pros ]

- It's BIG. Definitely the biggest fast food burrito I've ever had. And it's heavy too, like a brick. You could probably throw it at somebody's head and kill them. - The ingredients are supposed to be more 'natural' and higher quality than typical fast food joints. They call it "Food with integrity". The beef and chicken are raised naturally, no antibiotics, hormones etc. - They make the burritos right in front of you at the counter, similar to a Subway sandwich shop. You get to see everything! - They're not greasy at all. It definitely felt like I was eating a heathier burrito than Taco Bueno or Taco Bell.

[ Cons ]

- The main ingredient is white rice. It's OK, has a dash of cilantro and lime juice, but it's rather bland and there's so much of it, the other flavors are beat down. - There's not much meat. I tried both the Steak and Chicken varieties, and both were small portions. Furthermore, the steak was rubbery and had very little flavor. The chicken was better, but still nothing impressive. - There's not much cheese. It's a mixture of Jack and White Cheddar, but there's not enough to even tell what's going on. - The pinto beans were good, but again, very small in quantity. - The salsa was good, but it was all loaded at one end of the burrito. I'm told this is on purpose. Why, I have no idea. - Each burrito costs almost $6 - The bottom line: A big bland rice burrito, with a little bit of meat, cheese, beans and salsa that didn't stand a chance. I have no desire to eat them again.

I don't want to sound too critical, but I was expecting more!

Is this really a better burrito? Is this really what higher-quality natural ingredients taste like?

Anybody else have a similar experience? Maybe I hit them on a bad night?


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