Are you an impulsive cook?

Let me tell you first that I'm a planner. Which means, during the weekend, I more or less plan our meals for the week (or at least, Monday through Wednesday/Thursday) and shop accordingly, if necessary. I usually pretty much stick to the plan, although it's not written in stone, of course. That said, funny things happen to me from time to time.

Last week, I had an army of washed and dried blueberries lying on my kitchen counter, waiting to be vacuum packed and frozen (yes, I know that their skins supposedly become tougher if they are washed before freezing. Since I never eat frozen blueberries straight up and use them for either shakes or syrup/sauce or muffins/cakes, I've never felt that extra "toughness" if it, indeed, exists. So I'd rather wash them). But as I was taking out my newly acquired food saver, a sudden urge struck - I wanted, no, absolutely needed a blueberry muffin so badly, I could not think of anything else. An hour later, there I was - a pint fewer in the freezer but a whole platter of freshly baked blueberry muffin heaven readily available for immediate consumption.

The other day, I bought sweet potatoes, meaning to grill them. As I was transferring them to their potato basket, I had an idea for a dish. It did not include grilled sweet potatoes. In fact, it would be a perfect dish for a cold winter day, and it's been 90+ outside longer than I bother to remember. But I really loved the idea and just couldn't get it out of my head. Plus, you know, my house is air-conditioned. So yesterday I gave up and made a batch of pierogi with sweet potatoes and roasted garlic, with the sauce of caramelised onions and balsamic reduction (and yes, they were every bit as good as I imagined they would be!) I'll have to buy more sweet potatoes now.

You got the idea. My name is Brooke, and I'm an impulsive cook. No, I did not mean to rhyme that, but it just so happened. In any case, here's my question - has something like that ever happened to you?


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