Annoying misinformation on TV

I know I tend toward the compulsive side but, once again this morning, I got to hear wrong information being preached as the truth on FN. This time, it was Tyler Florence going on about how the tomatillo is not related to tomatoes but is related to gooseberry. Sigh...

Granted, I have gardened for over 40 years, so the lack of understanding that some chefs display regarding their ingredients might be forgivable. But, the authority with which it is delivered really annoys me. If I remember correctly, Alton Brown said the very same thing regarding this fruit (as if from the same script). For the record (apologies in advance to those who know), tomatillo, like tomatoes, peppers (more on this in a second) and eggplants, are all members of the nightshade family. As is the CAPE GOOSEBERRY, otherwise known as ground cherry, which looks like a small tomatillo but is sweet. REAL gooseberries are related to currants.

I seem to remember Alton Brown dressing down some poor woman who was competing in one of the Next Food Network Star episodes because she said chilies are a type of pepper. He jumped all over her when, in fact, she was right. (No, black pepper is not even remotely related.)

My point is - where's the fact checking? These are two instances that my background enables me to catch with authority. What other misinformation is disseminated?

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be surprised given how FN has gone. Has anyone else caught any mistakes that should be set right?


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