10 things I learned from food media (and not from momma)

10. Pronunciation. I've been wrong, so, so many times. 9. Sirachia (sp?) hot sauce 8. Gyros meat can be made at home. Thanks, Alton Brown. 7. Potato ricer. 6. Mexican cuisine. Thanks, Rick Bayless. 5. The saute pan flipping of foods. 4. So many interesting gadgets. 3. Cakes can be baked without Duncan Hines. 2. I am not alone. There are other people like me, even if they only exist on the Internet. 1. The number one thing (thanks Iron Chef) is presentation points. Mom was apt to serve in the same pots she cooked the food in, unless company was coming. I learned that presenting a dish attractively is important to the enjoyment of the food.

So, what do you know that momma didn't teach you?


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