What kind of food do you go out for/order in?

Following dbcurrie's post about meals per month not cooked at home - when you go out or order in, what kind of food do you go for? Is it something you never make at home or familiar comfort food? Do you go out/order in because you just don't feel like cooking (or don't have time to) on that particular night or because there is a specific meal you know you can only enjoy at a particular place? I'm not talking about special occasions, rather about your "regular" meals not cooked at home. Is it a diner or a Japanese restaurant? A pizza place or a burger joint?

To answer my own question - I usually don't order something that I can easily make and/or often cook myself - for some reason, I always end up being disappointed. When I eat out, I like to enjoy the experience, even if it's not the most expensive restaurant. For instance, if we feel like pizza or Chinese - I will most likely cook myself (although it may depend on what kind of Chinese food we want). But we'll always go out for sushi. And if I feel like wings, I'm more likely to send my husband to Cluck U than to take out my deep fryer (easy to make, but I inevitably have to dispose of all that oil, and I never know how to).


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