What foods are uniquely '80s'?

I spent my childhood growing up in the 80s, and looking back it always seems, compared to the Jell-O mold 50s, the brown rice 60s & 70s, and the low-fat 90s, to be a rather characterless food era.

So what foods do seem uniquely 80s and how would you characterize that decade in terms of food? (as a second grader I was out of the nouvelle cuisine loop).

Although many of these foods still exist in one form or another or predate the 80s, their popularity crest/introduction during the era screams 80s to me:

Snack foods: Reeces Pieces (of course) Fruit Roll-ups Capri Sun and Hi-C squeeze boxes of juice Hawaiian Punch Doritos (and Cool Ranch Doritos) Skittles Starbursts 'Nerds' candy Combos (really cheeses your hunger away) Breyer's ice cream Carvel Pepsi 'New' Coke 7-Up Jawbreakers

'Real' and fast food: McNuggets Wendy's Kentucky Fried Chicken Bennigan's Pizza Hut Domino's (deliverered) Kiwi fruit

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