Not So Good.

I've always loved cooking, but I don't think I was always a good cook. Over the past couple of years I think it's fair to say that I've become a good cook both technically and taste wise. I'm always cooking for my friends and family and they all have certain dishes they want me to cook time and time again. This kind of reassurance made me rather cocky and there's nothing like getting knocked down a peg or two when your head starts getting too big. So my dad, who is usually brutally honest, informed me that I totally suck at Asian food. Asian food has always seemed so daunting to me, but lately I've been making an honest effort at making Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes at home. I knew they hadn't been perfect, but I wasn't aware that they sucked.

Here's my question: If you consider yourself a good cook, what are the dishes that you just CAN'T master for some reason. Also, if you know someone you consider to be a good cook, what dishes do they totally miss at knocking out of the park?

Aside from Asian food, I also can't master rice, gnocchi or other homemade pastas.


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