"Miracle Fruit"

Someone posted about this a while back, looking for fruit, seeds, etc., and I mentioned that I have a fairly large plant that I bought a few years ago, and it has yet to flower, much less bear fruit.

Well, all that is about to change. I recently moved the plant outdoors and I've been watching it like a hawk to make sure it's adjusting to the move. It pretty much had just been sitting there. I had hoped for some new growth, but no go.

Today, I noticed some odd bumps, and on closer inspection, these are flower buds. And I looked closer, and found lots of flower buds. Now, I just have to hope they pollinate and that I get some fruit out of it. If all goes well, maybe I'll have something interesting to report.

I guess I should do some research. I don't even know how to tell if the fruit are ripe. If I get fruit. I wonder if I can dry them, like plums?

If I get enough, maybe I can find a way to share :-)


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