Meals per month not cooked at home

A recent news article in the local paper talked about how often people dine out, and used that to talk about unhealthy eating, but I think the way they presented it was flawed. They looked at it in terms of dollars spent. In theory, you could eat home-grown foods every day at home and go out once a month, and your cash outlay could be more for that dining out experience than for the meals eaten at home.

I think a better way to look at it would be how many meals you eat per month that aren't meals that you prepared. If you eat lunch at your desk, but it's something leftover from dinner you cooked, it's still your food. If you eat takeout at home, it's not food that you prepared.

This one is easy for me. We eat out once a week for dinner. Every other meal I eat is something I prepared myself. With the exception of restaurant leftovers. The restaurant meal might supply me a lunch the next day.

How about you?


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