Hostile Blogger Gets Friendly Email from Lisa Garza

In the interests of fairness--also because I feel like a worm--I have to tell you guys that Lisa Garza, the Demonic Diva of The Next Food Network Star, sent me an extremely good-natured letter explaining her point of view and linking to the Monday-morning blog which she is writing for the local Dallas magazine, "D", during the run of TNFNS.

I no longer have the email (ACCIDENTALLY deleted it--I'm switching from PC to Mac and am very, very confused) but she is sending it again. Today I wrote in my blog (Annie's New York Eats) about the letter; with luck she will send again and I can reprint it.

She's not angry, defensive, fiesty or mis-spelled. She's a high-profile person who has an individual point of view.

So, you draw your own conclusions, but I think she's a class act.


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