Dating sites for the food obsessed?

I remember asking the last guy I dated where he ate with his mom for graduation dinner. His response, "We got filet mignon at Angelo Maxies". Oh really? How did you get it cooked? "Well done."...and that SHOULD have been the end of the relationship right there. I was surprised to find myself completely disgusted by his response. I really do get bothered by the food philistines around me, particularly because they can be so darn difficult to eat with. As a single gal in NY how does one go about finding food friends and ultimately an extremely food friendly "companion" who can perhaps show me some tricks in the kitchen? Below is a hilarious link to a thread on CH about this problem. Scroll down a bit to find this post from a woman who's potential date glossed over the online menu of a restaurant and not only didn't understand it, but asked, "what's eggplant?"



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