What on earth do I do with these two jars of mussel salad?

A well-meaning co-worker gave me a jar of mussel salad, which broke on the way home, so I was off the hook, hating to throw away food, like I do, but not craving to eat mussel salad. Stupid me, I lied the next day and told co-worker that I loved it. So he gave me two more jars.

I still have that hating to throw away food thing. These two jars of mussels in vinaigrette are sitting in the cupboards of my cubicle. *sigh*

I'm thinking I might make a marinara sauce, throw in some anchovies, and then when the sauce is just about done, add some chopped parsley and the mussels. Or maybe a variation on tapenade, with the mussels rounding out (okay, I'm not sure if these mussels can really do any rounding out) the tuna. But if anyone else has any other bright ideas, tell me. PLEASE.

Food guilt, oy.


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