What is more of a 'deal breaker'--food or books?

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about how liking/ not liking certain books can be 'deal breakers' in relationships. Immediately, I groaned and remembered how some friends' zealous insistance that I read The Celestine Prophesy/The Da Vinci Code/The Artist's Way or some other self-help book that changed their life became an obstacle in our relationship. Also, with other people whose lives revolve around Star Trek/The X Files/fantasy series, if you're not part of that 'world' it can be kind of hard to relate to 99% of their life... But then again, there was another article also in the Times about relationship deal-breakers and food, and I recall another (Platonic) friend who only ate 1. A plain salt bagel for breakfast 2. copious amounts of Diet Coke throughout the day 3. 2 plain hamburgers and large fries from McDonalds with occasional strawberry shakes and Sweet tarts for desserts. I remember having an argument with her in Manhatten because she didn't understand why I wanted to stop at an independent coffee shop when there was 'a Duane Reed with perfectly good Diet Cokes' on sale nearby, and forget going to any other place but McDo's....

I would say books, in friendships or relationships are more of the 'deal breaker' for me, but sometimes food rigidity can be pretty damn frustrating too...so what is the bigger deal breaker for you regarding taste? Food or books? Or something else, whether it be certain movies/sports teams/whatever versus food?


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