Most 'fun' cookbook you have read or own?

Okay, we've done best and worst...but c'mon, the funnest ones to read are the novelty ones, admit it ;)

Well, perhaps my affection starts with my first--a circa 1950s Betty Crocker kids cookbook from the library I loved as a child--complete with hot dogs made to look like little dogs, smiley cookies, pears on lettuce decorated to look like mice, and burger buns with faces, and great retro illustrations--wish I owned it!

Kid's party books were and are always quite fun for recipies.

I recently read 'The Back of the Box' cook books, with great recipes from boxed, processed goods, spanning everything from apple pies with ketchup in them to mock saltine apple pie to Knorrs spinach dip, and so forth. Hilarious!

And Jane & Michael Stern wrote a cookbook awhile ago (not a Roadfood book) about traditional American food fads, from weird 1920s suspended salads to rationing offal dishes to 1950s Hawaiian themed party platters...

What are your favs?

The Little House Cookbook, based on the Laura Ingells Wilder series was nice..


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