Left over French Fries - yeah, I know I'm cheap!

Strange question - my husband and I purchased a deep fryer last fall. Since then we've enjoyed using it occasionally to do a turkey (it's one of those big ones), okra (yes I saw how many people think okra can never enter their kitchen, I hear ya), fish, munchies, and of course FRENCH FRIES!

So crisp, tasty, non-greasy and potato-y! We love them - but not enough that we don't end up with leftovers sometimes. And we all know you can't nuke 'em (too soggy), you can't bake 'em (too dry) ....but what can you do with them besides compost?

Surely there are left over potato recipes out there that would help this frugal housewife/tech writer use up her left-over luscious home-made French Fries!


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