Is Copper River Salmon worth its weight in gold?

We have purchased the infamous Copper River salmon several times and, granted, it is amazing. However, the most we ever paid for it was around $35 per pound. We have been waiting for it's appearance in the market and last weekend we thought we scored. At one of our local gourmet markets the chalkboard announcing daily specials heralded the first of the season. We high-fived and raced in to the seafood counter only to discover in horror that the price per pound was $69.99. Disheartened and deflated, we left without our precious red "gold". I'm quite certain I embarassed my husband by gaping into the seafood case with my jaw unhinged for several minutes before he drug me away. Does anyone else feel that is way ridiculous? It's not foie gras or Iberico, for crying out loud!


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