Help keep my bread fresh!

So about last November, I swore off commercially produced bread and started only making my own, suspicious of ingredients and in an effort to be more thrifty. It's been wonderful -- the smell of fresh bread baking is incentive enough. I make mostly bread for lunch sandwiches, a combo of wheat and white bread flour, agave nectar, olive oil, water, yeast, and salt. I usually enhance it with some ground flaxseed and vital gluten.

However, I've had a tricky problem. The reason I avoid store-bought bread is primarily because of preservatives, but darn, they do serve a purpose. I store my bread in a plastic Zip-loc bag once cooled, and it only seems to last for a couple of days, max.

Has anyone had any luck keeping bread fresh longer? A storage contraption or method that is exceptionally air-tight? A secret (natural) ingredient that gives you a few extra days with your lovingly made loaf?


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