50 Blogs from 50 States

Serious Eats' idea of creating a New York based section specifically focused on serious eating ("dining, food shopping, and eating out") in New York seemed to me to be a great idea, so naturally I'd like to borrow it and bend it to my own shape, power-freak that I am.

I don't get around the blogosphere a lot so don't really know where to start, but I'd like to create a list (with links to add to my blog) of 50 blogs - one from each State in the US.

The criteria is that the blog be about food (in some way) and that it include links to food in your geographic area, whether it be restaurants or farmers markets or whatever. The blog itself preferably will have its own personal flavor and not be specifically a reviewing site. Why? No good reason really. Just because I like reading about people and food first followed by food in places.

Do you have a blog of this sort? Please tell us about it. I look forward to some good reading from each of the 50 States. :)

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