When you really have the hungries, does Naughty trump Nice?

OK, say you get off work early, SO's going to be late and dinner won't be until eight. You want something "good", but you don't feel like being very good. Yogurt or fruit just won't do it. So you decide to be bad - how do you reward yourself after a not-so-great day in the salt mines and you really feel like you deserve a little somthin'-somthin'?

This afternoon my brain was turned on to a dopa espresso and the dark lord needed an accompaniment. Since I was already in front of the deli, my vehicle quite naturally swung into a parking space. At that point, it was out of my control. I stood in front of one of the bakery cases just gazing nonchalantly when lo and behold, a rugelach tugged at my sleeve. It wasn't just any rugelach; it was the "epitomy of Jewish goodness" rugelach. So devastingly delicious it was, it made me weak in the knees.

Espresso and a pastry - sigh... that did it for me. Not always, but today, yes. Can you feel sated by a "good for you" snack or do you dance with the devil, as well?


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