The price of rice - not so nice!

We really enjoyed our Chinese special fried rice this evening. I used jasmine. but often use basmati, as well. Then I became very depressed when I read the newspaper about the "rationing" at Costco and Sam's Clubs of the rice and the inflated prices we will be paying for it. I know that rice is not the only commodity that is affected and the thing that really gets my dander up is that it appears to be all politically motivated. It is apparently not because of adverse weather conditions, disease or insect infestation, to my understanding.

It's not just that my pocketbook is going to personally take a big hit, but am I the only one who just doesn't get why literally millions of people are going to starve because of the political games that are being played?

And to be honest, are you going to grab a 20 lb. bag of rice tomorrow?


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