The first time I tasted ____ it was so vile I spit it out

I have two and both of them originated from the same animal: goat. I tried goat cheese at a trade show a few years ago and couldn't wait for a sample of something - anything - that would get that horrid taste out of my mouth. Fast forward to this past weekend. I went to my local dollar store hoping they'd have some caramel ice cream topping for my son's birthday cheesecake. They didn't, but they had Mexican caramel sauce made with goat milk. Long story short, I tasted a tiny bit and wanted to die. I rinsed my mouth out with hot water and brushed my teeth as soon as I was sure I wasn't going to vomit. Then I made the 10 minute drive to the nearest grocery (which I REALLY should have done in the first place) and bought what I needed.

So what your worst taste scenarios? Are you willing to try it again to see if your tastes have changed? I've sworn off anything goat-related!


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