Ice cream cake - can you help me make it?

Two weeks from now, I'm making a chocolate-raspberry ice cream cake for a friend's birthday, and am now trying to hammer out the details. Specifically, I'm seeking advice on these components:

1. THE CAKE I want the base to be a white cake (just one not-too-thick layer), but am unsure as to which type would be best - angel food, sponge, old-fashioned sheet/layer cake made with butter? I'm not really sure how being in the freezer for a time would affect each type and which would hold up most well.

2. THE TOPPING What type of frosting/glaze should I use? I was initially thinking a bittersweet hot fudge-type of sauce that could be poured/spread on while fairly cool (so as not to melt the ice cream) but would firm up AND still be reasonably pliable once in the freezer. Anyone have a recipe that fits those criteria? To further complicate matters, yesterday I saw a lovely and delicious-looking ice cream cake recipe that used a topping of good old chocolate ganache. But would that be wrecked by going into the chill depths of the freezer??

So yeah, I'm obsessing over this cake - but happily, I swear. If anyone else has any opinions/ideas regarding the cake base or chocolate topping, they would be very welcome! (Apologies for the long-ish post.)


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