I can't eat ------ like I used to!

Okay, I'll admit it--although I present myself to the world today as a crunchy yet athletic runner semi-vegan type, I used to be a fat kid. How I loved gazing at the dessert cart at my family's favorite restaurant, and picking out an eclair...eventually graduating to Black Forest Cake with chocolate mousse icing. Wasn't above Carvel ice cream flower icing, either on b-day cakes. Over the years, as I struggled, I developed loving relationships with Bavarian creme doughnuts, maple oat nut scones, and even the occasional pop of a Happy Meal box. I wouldn't want my old, fat kid body back--But since getting fit, after many, many, years I've tried occasionally eating some of my old indulgences, and they just don't do it for me--so much stuff, like Easter Candy, is too sweet, or just too heavy. Fast food smells chemical to me. My palate has changed and the sugar cravings have just dried up. I almost miss the 'anticipation' of these treats, even though I'm glad I don't eat that way anymore, and enjoy eating healthier, better, and more body and soul sustaining foods. What foods 'can't' you eat anymore that you used to love--because they make you ill/don't taste as good/have too many bad memories attached to them? I don't mean foods that you're swearing off because of diets or health concerns, but foods that you can get, but don't desire anymore in the same way in a way that sometimes 'suprises' you.


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