How can you mend a broken heart?

For those few of you who have been following my short-lived romance with Amazing Guy, he's not so amazing, and I am blue. Break-Up Blue. And as such, am pounding down the Rum Raisin ice cream with no thought to calories or the inevitable 7 lb weight gain (because, yeah, I can be single and fat! That'll show everybody! I swear, sometimes I really believe I am 12 years old). Honestly, I am exaggerating a bit. It's really not all that bad (save massive ice cream consumption), but it got me thinking. What's your go-to food for romance misery? Do you get all weepy and ice creamy? Or all "I'll show him/her" and go on a diet and work out like an animal? Does the Chinese delivery place down the block know your order by heart? Waddaya do?


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