Have you influenced your friends and family?

Before I started dating my boyfriend, he had never eaten Indian or Thai food (horrible, I know). We’ve been together for over a year and a half, and now he is a really discriminating eater (I am going to have to take credit for this – I cook lots of great meals for him, and I am always on the search for the best food where ever I am). For example, he was recently in New Mexico and, before he left, he scouted out the best places for sopapillas, huevos rancheros, and carne adovada using Chowhound – something he had never heard of until we started dating. (And he made me really jealous when he came back and told me of his culinary exploits).

My mother, who lives 200 miles away from me (she's still in NY), has also turned into quite the foodie. Granted, we went to lots of great restaurants in NYC when I lived there, but now that I’m gone, she is still eating out at places that I miss terribly. She just went to DiFara’s this past Sunday! And she’s on a mission to eat at all the great pizzerias – she went to Luzzo’s a few weeks ago and is planning a trip to Zero Otto Nove in the near future (and yes she’s eaten at Grimaldi’s and John’s a million times). She has also taken it upon herself to eat at obscure places in Queens and Brooklyn – places to which even *I* haven’t been!

Has your passion for food affected your family and friends – both those who live near/with you and those who are further away?


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