Food Websites: How, When, Where, Who, Why? (And More?)

Food websites: Everyone has their favorites. (Naturally for everyone here it is SE so when we talk about other sites, it is mere bandying-about of words!)

Some questions for those who are adept in web-think:

*How does a website with an innovative idea get started, if the person who has the idea is not web-capable themselves?

*When websites are started, how do they make money (when that is part of the goal)? (Remember we're talking specifically about food websites, if that makes a difference at all . . .)

*Where do you like to go in terms of food websites (aside from SE) and what is the major appeal? Recipes? Talk? Organizational tips? Stories? Product information? Dining out information?

*Who in the field of web design is known for their capabilities in putting together food websites from concept to completion? Are there stars in the food website development business? What sort of business arrangements are made with the entrepeneur who has an original idea - and what are the costs involved?

*Why am I asking all this? Well . . . why not?

*And More: As always, there is more that goes beyond the usual forthright question. I always want to hear it. :)

How are foodie-websites born? Tell me all about the birds, bees, and cabbage leaves.


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