Faux pho for kids

As a grandma and gardener I have come up with this Vietnamese-inspired recipe/activity which my granddaughters love: I make a soup of chicken stock and noodles. A little meat is optional, as is starting with sauteed onions/garlic. As the soup heats, the kids run outside and collect their own herbs to add to the soup. There are lots of possibilites: I happen to have chives, thyme, dill, sorrel, mint and sunflower sprouts if the birdfeeder has been busy. While the kids are washing their selections (and splashing and squealing), I set out lettuce, sliced radishes, sprouts, bits of a mild jalapeno, whatever is on hand. They add whatever greenery they want in whatever order they want. Empty bowl guaranteed, and a little plant knowlege gained along the way. A good activity for spring and fun to eat on the porch in summer.


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